• Keeping it Clean, Green and Growing

    Discover local groups working to reduce the effects of climate change in the San Diego region.

  • Leading the Way in California

    Residents of San Diego County see large economic opportunities in clean-tech industries.

  • Less Gas,
    More Go

    People and businesses reduce greenhouse gas emissions to meet State of California targets.


Community pride runs deep in the San Diego region.

San Diegans have a long history of protecting our clean air and water, spectacular natural resources and enviable quality of life. However, our region is vulnerable to diminishing water supplies, increased wildfire risks, coastal erosion and other impacts of climate change.

The good news is the San Diego region is working together to support California’s landmark climate change policies. Research shows that San Diego county residents expect to lead the state in addressing climate change, and that significant economic opportunities exist in doing so, whether through investing in energy efficiency or expanding clean-tech industries.

It is with this growing support and interest that the Climate Collaborative was founded. We highlight what is being done in the San Diego region to meet state climate change policy, improve the local economy and protect San Diego County’s tremendous natural beauty by increasing energy efficiency and improving our sustainable practices. This helps to safeguard the quality of life of current and future generations.